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Absinthe Renewed

 The original title image

The original title image

I have long been a bit of a nomadic hacker. Back in July of 1998, with the dawn of the public internet, I registered the original domain Absinthe.Org. While I would come in some ways to regret the choice, I settled on the name for two reasons. First, I wanted something a little edgy, artsy, and different; thus begat Absinthe. Second, while most of the news and public energy focused on the new dot-com Internet, at the time "with-it" and "hip" sites such as Slashdot.Org chose the .org top level domain. And so it was settled.

I can not remember the tools I used to edit the site, but I know they were intensely nascent. I do  know that I shortly thereafter reworked the site in Thomas Boutell's cgic library - effectively turning each webpage into an Ansi-C program which would log the visitor's IP address and access time. It was wonderfully amusing but progressively more difficult as fewer and fewer hosting sites allowed one to compile arbitrary C code on their servers (ahem)

I added C-based guest books and even a minimalist blog which would parse, order, and show text files created and stored on the server. And then the site effectively froze for a decade and a half. During that time I watched as people who had made wiser choices of domains ( readily cash-in on their acquisitions. And I remained with the non-commercial oddity of a domain which to this day is difficult to spell over the phone when giving out email addresses. 

And yet it remains its quaint, historic little corner of the net with which I've grown so fond.